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. if given a second term to how does president obama see the opportunities in the transition? what measures with the president propose to take the new heads of state relationship? >> well, president obama reached out to hu jintao right after president obama was elected. and right after he took office. he's met with hu jintao more than any previous president had met with a counterpart. they have met something upwards of a dozen times. many phone calls. i'm sure that this pattern will continue with the next chinese leadership. the chinese haven't done us a favor yet of telling us who will be in the new leadership. that will be announced on november 8. i think we're all confident we know that the general secretary of the congress party will be xi jinping. will have a pretty good idea of at least four members of the politburo standing committee, and perhaps other members. i think, the important thing here is that china needs to resume the path of aggressive reform in the economic and political area. i think xi jinping is a very, very smart man who understands what china needs to do. a real link
. first, president obama and john bain, speak of asking to do. films had a grand bargain. but the tea party people like my opponent wouldn't let boehner megadeal. now everything is on the table during these negotiations but the tea party wouldn't let it happen. we are left with the sequestration. we have looming cuts at the end of you that our economy cannot sustain right now. and it's because of tea party, because of the extremism try to the sequestration was president obama's idea, okay? it had nothing to do with the house of representatives. turn one who voted for. west: i did. i'm taking action. not just rhetoric. spent we are taught not looming cuts that will affect both defense and social programs if they're not ever before the end of you. i think it's a good point to start popping up medicare and health care. your question goes to mr. murphy for one minute. >> mr. murphy, we've seen a lot of different numbers on what the paul ryan plan would do in effect to increase costs potentially to seniors, anywhere from 6003 and $50 under the old plan, different number, to about $200 a mo
say this is what i did for you, with this act. obama talks about -- [inaudible] the assumption ever and understands it and i think that's a false assumption. i just wonder what you thought of that. >> i can't say that i followed all of the ways the lilly ledbetter act has been used, but i was involved in a debate just a couple weeks ago that wasn't in the context of the election particularly, but about whether or not the ledbetter act was important at all and whether the paycheck fairness act, which we take things a step further, was a good idea or not a good idea. and there are those who are claiming that it was, as i said, just to tweak and not important. and they just don't ever get into the details of whether ultimately what it really means is you have an actual right that can ever be enforced, or is it just something written on a piece of paper that's meaningless. that's really what the ledbetter act boldly and meant, -- ultimately meant. to our current laws on equal pay have real force and meaning. and so i do agree that there is not enough understanding of how central and imp
if obama win, if romney win, who would be secretary of defense, how this would -- it's not the same, there's a little bit of factional stuff going on, but it really matters who the people are, personnel or policy basically. is it completely off the radar screen? does it matter at all in chinese politics? >> i can talk a little bit about that. i mean, one of the things we are, we are definitely seeing at least the party's at least stating that they're trying to make themselves more institutionalized, more bureaucratic and their responsibilities shifting from a personality-based system to one that's more bureaucratic, institutionalized, professional. and so at least in terms of what's being said, the argument personalities should matter less. now, whether or not -- we all know that it's nice to say those things. whether or not that's the reality, i don't know. but from the perspective of party guidance to the military, party guidance to its own cadres, the idea that the purpose of the party is to essentially help china move into a certain national development level and the way we're going to
ideas that is exactly what he said four years ago and sad the exactly what president obama has become. two weeks from today he will be former president and mitt romney will be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] we can do better than this. we do not have to settle for this. we don't have to settle 23 million americans looking for work or 11.8% unemployment in nevada. or the underwater mortgages. . .
leadership, from a president obama i hope will be reelected he has a strong leadership to get there. if it is governor romney he needs to have leadership and the business community has to agree to a deal and. >> moderator: let's move to the moderator discussion. mr. wade you talk about small business about men but if you look at the polls from the "wall street journal" the small business community does not have faith we will avoid a deep recession. they're not making plans for expansion hiring going into next year. how can small business be a part of it at all? >> they are part of the solution when we bring common-sense to washington. . .
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6